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SEO has over 800 known factors at this point in 2020 and as SEO experiments grow and tools advance, marketers are discovering more and more factors that carry weight in an SEO campaign.

Every algorithm update leads to fluctuations in each factor’s overall importance. Our method is a holistic marketing approach that mitigates the risk of SEO algorithm changes.

SEO has quite a few elements, from link building to keyword research to on-page optimizations. How do you decide what to target? Many SEO campaigns tend to overly focus on one particular element of SEO, but we like to think of SEO as a car. If you focus on one thing too much and neglect everything else, the car won’t run at all.

Our approach is to make sure that all risk is mitigated and that you are prepared for all future algorithm changes. We do this by focusing on the four pillars (TRAP).

Every client goes through...

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